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18 Telecom

is an established wholesale aggregator of retail voice traffic from cable, mobile, and retail operators focused on emerging markets.

We are a premium international telecommunication carrier specializing in delivering high quality and stable VoIP termination service at competitive rates to retail providers and wholesale carriers. We have developed our direct interconnections as well as in-country partnerships within Africa and Asia.

In today’s highly competitive world of wholesale VoIP termination, 18 Telecom is successful winning business from the most aggressive customers based on their LCR. 18 Telecom is uniquely trained in combining aggressive rates with high quality. In conclusion, buying and selling low rate and quality service is not difficult; what separates us from most of our competitors is the ability to deliver high-quality service at the best market rate.




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Flexible Options Customized To Your Business

18 Telecom serves carriers ranging from the world’s largest telecom carriers to innovative, emerging providers. We can enhance the success of your international business with our unmatched portfolio of international voice products and value-added services.

VoIP Termination

18 Telecom assures wholesale voice termination to any network worldwide. Our retail voice termination includes roaming numbers, guaranteed transit of ANI and fax messages. We provide direct interconnection with most of major operators worldwide.

·         We have competitive rates on direct routes; ensure connectivity via TDM trunks (SS7/C7, ISDN).

·       VoIP routes (SIP, H.323), and offer the possibility of a rate decrease depending on traffic volume.

18 Telecom Network in Africa


Routing Products

18 Telecom‘s seamless global voice service is designed to provide you with a flexible international voice termination service. Based on your cost and quality requirements and type of your market segment, you can choose from three available service level categories for your voice termination: Wholesale, Retail, CLI
Based on your cost and quality requirements and type of your market segment, you can choose from three available service level categories for your voice termination. In all three service levels, 18 Telecom acts as a single point of contact. We offer worldwide coverage, thus eliminating the need for you to negotiate any further contract for terminating your international voice traffic.
CLI - This solution is specially designed for the needs of cable and mobile operators. Enjoy all the mobile services you require and expect the best quality at a stable price level! Your subscriber will not miss a call-back opportunity while you will be increasing your revenue.

  • End-to-end calling line identification (CLI-certified) transmission
  • Access to web-based tools for quality monitoring in real time
  • Transparency of ISUP signaling for roaming (OCN & RDN)
  • Transmission of 3G video telephony calls on a 64 kbps basis
  • The following KPIs are monitored:

    • Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR)
    • Average Length of Call (ALOC)
    • Post Dial Delay (PDD)
    • Carrier Sensitive Routing (CSR)
    • Network Efficiency Ratio (NER)
    • Call Completion Ratio (CCR)
    • Call Loss Ratio (CLR)
    • Call Setup Time (CST)
    • Dial Tone Delay (DTD)
    • Ring Duration (RD)
    • Packet Loss Ratio (PLR)
    • Jitter Average
    • Roundtrip Delay (RTD)
    • DTMF Detection Ratio (DDR)

All traffic is sent over the highest quality routes such as our own direct routes to fixed and mobile networks and our selected Tier 1 transit partners. These features are combined with state-of-the-art customer care and quality monitoring to ensure the very best conveyance of your subscriber’s calls.

Retail – When quality can make or break a deal, trust our retail service. Our routing managers direct your traffic to our quality routes with overflow options and 24/7 network monitoring for proactive and reactive measures in case of a failure and quality issues.


The following KPIs are monitored:

  • Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR)
  • Average Length of Call (ALOC)
  • Post Dial Delay (PDD)
  • Network Efficiency Ratio (NER)


Wholesale – This is our service offering for situations in which low cost is critical. It is a price-optimized, least-cost routing offer with decent quality since it always uses the cheapest routes available. Our wholesale routing product offers the most affordable international termination and is designed for providers whose wholesale and retail customers demand the best possible rate.

Routing Product KPIs





Number of overflows

up to 12

up to 6


Quality monitoring




Capacity monitoring




Direct routing




Clear channel (64kbps)








Fax G4




Fax G3




Mobile roaming number

















like bilateral

10% below bilateral

50% below bilateral

PDD North America

< 5 seconds

< 6 seconds

not monitored

PDD Europe

< 6 seconds

< 7 seconds

not monitored

PDD Africa

< 6 seconds

< 7 seconds

not monitored

PDD Rest of World

< 8 seconds

< 9 seconds

not monitored

Trouble tickets



yes, if line is down

Maintenance windows

14 days in advance

14 days in advance

14 days in advance

SLA Policy

Within 2 hrs.

Within 12 hrs.







18 Telecom fights False Answer Supervision (FAS)

Occurrences of FAS have rapidly increased within the past few years to become a global industry problem, with the most significant levels of fraud in regions with high termination rates and many competing suppliers. Combating FAS is significantly complicated by the many carriers reselling routes from other suppliers, making it difficult to trace the fraud to its source.

18 Telecom understands the critical importance of eliminating FAS in order to maintain high levels of call quality and customer satisfaction. Our stand is simple: we will not tolerate fraud on our network and are taking proactive measures to ensure that our partners support and work with us to achieve this goal.

Types of FAS

FAS can occur in one of three ways:

  • Calls that are not successfully completed but that are billed anyway.
  • Deliberate rerouting of calls to an automated messaging platform designed to trick the customer into staying on the line.
  • Premature billing during Post Dial Delay (PDD) or ringing time prior to when the call is answered by the calling party (frequently due to a switch misconfiguration – accidental or intentional).

The Impact of FAS across the Value Chain

FAS is a fraud perpetrated against consumers, who are billed for minutes they did not use or calls that were never completed.

Consumer complaints about incorrect billing charges impose financial costs on retail carriers, who must allocate customer service resources to resolve billing issues. Additionally, FAS can damage brand perception, as well as lead to lowered customer satisfaction.

Meanwhile, carriers must compete against artificially lowered prices on routes from suppliers who are engaging in FAS, who use their fraudulent profits to subsidize below cost-per-minute rates.

The 18 Telecom Difference

18 Telecom is undertaking comprehensive and proactive measures to eliminate FAS from our network. We monitor and measure key network parameters so we can take real-time action against potential instances of FAS before customers even know a problem exists.

Once FAS has been confirmed through comprehensive testing of suspicious routes the problem suppliers will immediately be removed as a route choice for the destination. In addition to the specific destination removals, we have implemented a process which includes a close monitoring and creation of a watch list and a Chronic FAS Supplier List that represent the worst chronic FAS offenders. Those suppliers where improvements have not been realized will have all commercial relations with 18 Telecom terminated.

To ensure that FAS is comprehensively addressed, we have formed an internal working team, made up from members from various departments within 18 Telecom to evaluate supplier performance and implement FAS prevention strategies and processes to combat FAS on our supplier’s termination network.

Our FAS identification and remediation process

  • Identification: In this stage, Fault Management (FM) compiles a list of tickets where confirmed FAS is identified through manual testing. Internal weekly reviews identify suppliers with increasing FAS faults.
  • Watch List: Those suppliers whose FAS ticket counts increase are added to this list, which serves as a warning that their performance will now be closely watched and further penalties applied if the FAS is not corrected. The watch list affects the supplier’s routing eligibility for the high-quality service level.
  • Chronic FAS Supplier List: Suppliers, who continue to have a high incidence of FAS even after being watchlisted, are then moved to the next list. The Chronic FAS Supplier List consists of two incremental stages, with increasing penalties if service isn’t improved including; A-Z demotion from service level routing tables, extended removal periods for destinations where performance is symptomatic of FAS, and limited supplier testing of new routes.
  • Routing Disable: For those suppliers who are still performing poorly, they will be suspended from use for all routing purposes and may have all commercial relationships terminated.

Reinstating service

  • Chronic FAS Supplier List removal: If a supplier’s FAS tickets over the last three months significantly reduces due to improved FAS prevention on their network and their performance on key network indicators supports this improvement, the supplier will be placed on the watch list (subject to other standard criteria).
  • Watch List removal: After being on the watch list for an extensive evaluation period without an increasing propensity for FAS, a supplier will be reinstated in good standing.

Statement of Qualifications

18 Telecom understands that operators continue to experience significant subscriber, application and traffic growth. Put simply, we offer telecommunications services that support growth by providing the necessary infrastructure to meet capacity demands.

18 Telecom success has been built on following core fundamentals:

  • VENDORS: Voice Termination ONLY from Best-of-Breed carriers.
  • QUALITY: Test, Manage and Monitor Quality & Cost for Best Value.
  • TEAM: Employ the greatest telecom professionals in the industry.
  • NETWORK: We are maintaining 100% redundant state-of-the-art network.
  • SUPPORT: Deliver 24/7/365 support that is fast acting.

Our TOP Priority

Our philosophy is a strict set of protocols and procedures implemented to deliver constant Premium VoIP Termination. Our Quality of Service (QoS) starts with obtaining the service from “Best of Breed” Carriers. We test every route before adding to our routing and evaluate performance based on strict performance criteria. We review Cost per Minute against performance to ensure optimal quality and value. Network alarm and performance monitoring software thresholds are set for call completion and Average Call Duration at or above industry norms and when an issue arises; we promptly remove faulty underline carrier. Last, our Routing / QoS Engineers have strong evaluation and strategy to maintain the continuity of our service.


Network Overview

18 Telecom’s Next Generation VoIP Network Infrastructure is based on over Ultra-Low Latency Data Network.


Other Carrier

18 Telecom


Packet Loss
















Voice MOS



Average => Good


A small difference in quality => big improvements in VoIP user experience

18 Telecom’s VoIP network infrastructure has proved itself with 100% uptime throughout the flooding disaster that occurred in Miami Dade and Broward Counties on April 12-13, 2023.

IP Transport Fabric: 150Gig Total. 10Gig Wavelengths over DWDM between Network POP’s and Facilities.

IP Transit Fabric: 120Gig Total. 12 different fiber carriers terminated on-net.

Edge Routers: Cisco ASR 9001

Core Routers: Cisco XR 12406

VPN Appliances: Cisco ASA 5585-X

Session Border Controllers: Genband S3

Media Gateways: Genband G9

Facility Type: SSAE 16, Type II Certified (SOC 1) and PCI DSS Compliant, fully redundant A/B electrical power distribution infrastructure (including ATS, generator, and UPS systems).

Switching Facility’s: New York, Cleveland, Los Angeles, and Moscow.

Network POP’s Public/Private Peering: 111 8th Ave (Equinix), 29 Broadway (NYIIX), 60 Hudson (Telx), One Wilshire Blvd. (Any2/CoreSite), 32 Ave. of the Americas (Any2/CoreSite), 626 Wilshire Blvd (LAIIX).


18 Telecom is an entrepreneurial company where everyone has the potential to make a unique, important contribution. We provide innovative communications on a global scale.

We strive to hire passionate and self-driven employees at every level throughout the company, and this often enables us to advance and promote from within.

Because we understand the importance of family, we strive to give our employees the flexibility they need to successfully negotiate a work-life balance that makes sense.

Our commitment to a company culture that values collaboration, creative dialogue, and employee development, makes 18 Telecom a fun and rewarding place to work.

Some people move up in the world. Others take the world further. Regardless of where you are in your career,

if you aspire to change the world or have proven your passion and ability to do so, we want to talk with you. Please send us your resume to

18 Telecom is an equal opportunity employer to all, regardless of age, color, religion, sex, disability, gender, marital status, military or veteran status, national origin, and race.

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